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Reading: A possible case of heavy eye phenomenon


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Case Report

A possible case of heavy eye phenomenon


Morag McIndoe

Orthoptic Department, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Le Vauquiedor, St Martins, Guernsey GY4 6UU, GB
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BSc (Hons) DBO

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Aim: To describe a case of possible heavy eye phenomenon and discuss the differential diagnosis.

Method: Details are reported of a boy who presented at age 16 years, having previously attended the orthoptic department as a young child. Documenta­tion of the ease is presented including the findings in childhood, findings at later presentation and photo­graphic illustrations.

Results: The orthoptic findings for this boy when discharged at age 9 years differed from the findings at age 16 years. At age 9 the patient showed good corrected visual acuity in each eye, good binocular functions and normal stereo-acuity. At age 16, the patient had a variable right hvpotropia, refractive error of right —8.50/—1.25 × 5, left +0.25/—0.50 × 177.5 and axial lengths of right 26.22 mm and left 22.86 mm.

Conclusions: This is most likely a case of heavy eye phenomenon. Previous records are useful in deter­mining the onset of the condition.
How to Cite: McIndoe, M., 2005. A possible case of heavy eye phenomenon. British and Irish Orthoptic Journal, 2, pp.43–45. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2005.
Peer Reviewed


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