Corrigendum: The Need for a Unified Protocol for Termination of Amblyopia Treatment

Authors: {'first_name': 'Mahmoud M.', 'last_name': 'Nassar'},{'first_name': 'Fiona Campbell', 'last_name': 'Mitchell'}


Following the publication of our recent article in British and Irish Orthoptic Journal we wish to bring the following corrigendum to your attention.

Keywords: Amblyopiatermination of treatmentrecurrent amblyopia 
 Accepted on 16 Nov 2018            Submitted on 16 Nov 2018


A typographical error was made in the Results section of the abstract. The abstract should read:

Thirty-nine patients were identified with a mean age 4.2 + 1.7SD years. Patients had an average of 16.6 + 13.9SD visits over 30.5 + 21.5SD months.

The corrected text has been underlined.

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